The EcclesiaOS Legacy Plan

Get up and running with no mistakes and no loss of valuable resources. Start your legacy right now
This plan has been tailored specifically for Episcopal Churches of Long Island to revitalize their websites.

All-you-can-eat Legacy plan is designed to build a legacy that can change your community in the fastest possible time. Get up and running now.

The legacy plan is for a limited time only and is a stunning deal for any Church. This package is ONE LIFETIME payment for EcclesiaOS Website Platform. Get the complete suite of website management tools with site-manager and technical support package. This package is designed to get your Church the personalized touch and get your site up and running as soon as possible. You get expert website managers and designers working as a team to implement your needs with stellar customer service.

  • The Ecclesia features include:
  • Multi-theme
  • Lifetime hosting
  • Initial site configuration to your needs
  • All Ecclesia Plan Features
  • Launch support and site-management
  • $2000 Sign Up