A Church Communications Platform

  • A website builder for novices: drag & drop page builder, click to edit & add pages.
  • Professional online publishing platform with multi-editor management.
  • Cutting edge website designs utilizing latest web technologies and practices.
  • Built with features for churches - like sermon audio and video players.
  • Site management made easy: dedicated site assistant for every church.
  • Own your content & software from the start, host with us for free!

In page editing

Click & edit text, images, video, tables, buttons in the page. Using the text editor ribbon similar to Microsoft Word, editing becomes as simple as writing on the page itself.

Multi-Editor Approval

An editor versioning and management system allows multiple editors to make changes to pages, with their work saved, tracked and if need be, approved by a lead editor.

Self Managed Website

The site is designed to be managed by novices, with professional settings and administration features. No coding skills required. Everything from SEO to page creation and design is code-free and easy to accomplish.

Create & Build Web Pages

Drag & Drop design bloxks onto the page, image galleries, blog sections, text areas, sliders, contact forms - eveyrthing is drag & drop.

Manage Own SEO

Every page has its own settings panel that allows users to click and edit SEO, meta, and page descriptions - at any time.

No Coding Skills Required

Every feature and function for website management is code-free and has it's own graphic user interface.

Audio & Video Sermon Players

Cusomt features built specifically for churches - upload any audio or video file and play it in our EOS Sermon Player.

Custom Forms & Surveys

Create forms on the go! From contact forms to Q&A's, any form you can think of is easily created on any page, a dashboard log system accesible for every submission, and forms can be routed to any number of email addresses.

Contemporary Designs & Standards

On top of the management system is a site design. This design is interchangeable. Our designs are built to the most contemporary design standards and include parallax and are fully responsive - each design changes to fit every screen size.

Automatic Page Versions

Always revert to a previous version of every page. Easily search through every version of the page ever made, and attach notes to each version to make it easier to revert. A fully automatic page saving, versioning system.

Click & Drag Custom Sitemap

Create infinite number of pages by clicking on a page and adding a new page. Drag & drop to re-order pages. It's so easy!

24/7 Site Assistant

We offer 60 miniutes of training and 30 minutes per month of assistance on all editorial and site tasks. Becuase the software is so easy, we can offer free time to accomplish most tasks for you. We guarantee your site will get the constant attention it needs.

EcclesiaOS Features

New features and services are added every month.

Drag & Drop content blocks to build or customize webpages. Easy to use for novices.

Image Editor to scale, crop, filter, rotate. Online file and image manager for easy access anywhere.

Sermon Players mobile optimized sermon audio and video players.

Page Versioning allows for users to revert to previous versions of the page.

Click & Edit in-page editing allows for easy to understand text, image, video editing.

Multi-Editor Management tracks changes users make to pages, gives user final approval.

Easy SEO Every page has it's own SEO meta settings. Easily change SEO.

Mobile Ready both website design and site manager is responsive to all screens sizes.

EOS Site Assistant 24/7 dedicated website assistance for tasks on your site!

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