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    Tue Jul 26 06:02:31 2016
    EcclesiaOS Team started the conversation The $100 Plan & what you get.

    Thanks for taking an interest in our $100 website plan.

    This plan is for those Church Leaders that just need "something up" right away.

    This is a one time payment! And it opens you up to click of a button technical support and puts you inline for a host of features that you can add on as you have the budget or feel necessary.

    We provide a homepage that has all the basics you need - Menu bar, Church Name, Initial opening image, some introductory text, a map, a service schedule and a contact form.

    Once this is up - its up! If you want to edit your text in any way you feel - such as announcing a service or prayer group - go ahead! The page is super editable - just click on the text and make your changes!

    If you want to make additions to your site, such as new feature sets or new sections on the page, our custom services start at $200, and if you move onto the next plan - "Grower" you can access a whole set of features to improve your Church's online presence.

    Also included is a Sign-up page, where your congregation or potential members can quickly sign-up using their email or social network of choice to give your church their details. These details appear as a list within your admin account, easily viewable by you.

  2. Sun Jul 24 13:42:32 2016
    EcclesiaOS Team started the conversation Referrals, Discounts & Feature requests.

    We are a startup! We want to offer the features that best suit our current customers. We have a priority schedule for all new features but are willing to create parallel feature development for users that need something done now!

    We offer a discount program, whereby if you want to get a LEGACY account ( all features ) but pay GROWER prices, just refer a Church and you both become Legacy plans BUT pay Growers price.

    The best way for you to get a feature that you want is to: 1 - Let us know! 2- Refer a Church Leader that needs a new site! 3- We get your feature implemented as that new church comes online!

  3. Sun Jul 24 13:19:06 2016
    EcclesiaOS Team started the conversation New features list.

    These are the features that are coming soon:

    • Layouts, layouts, layouts - we should be providing new layouts for you to use on an ongoing basis. You can even provide example sites that you like and we can add that to the layout release schedule, or if you are willing to pay to jump the queue... then we can code that up immeidately.
    • Domain mapping - map your domain to the new site!
    • Hooking up your email lists to Mailchimp / Mandrill so that you can send HTML emails to all your members for regular updates!

  4. Sun Jul 24 12:58:43 2016
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  5. Sun Jul 24 12:58:43 2016
    EcclesiaOS Team started the conversation Welcome to EcclesiaOS Support Forums!.

    Welcome to EcclesiaOS Support Forums!

    EcclesiaOS Support Forums is provided for all customers as a means to help themselves with any issues through the community help forums. If you cannot fing a solution to your ussue we have dedicated support to help you with all your online needs, just ask us a question.

    We hope you find what you are looking for..

    EccelsiaOS Support